Page 91 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

request for reinstatement and waiver for reinstatement fee
reinstatement due to College administrative error
grade appeal
financial aid suspension
residence life administrative appeals
Student Grievance
This procedure is used for college students who
believe that a disciplinary penalty or sanction has been imposed on them
incorrectly or unfairly. It is also used for non-disciplinary student claims
of unfair, inappropriate or inequitable application of college policies or
Students are provided due process for differences and disputes among
students, faculty and staff members that allege the violation or unfair
application of college policies and procedures. Student Grievance forms
can be obtained by contacting the Student Affairs Department or on
FKCC’s website under “Student Forms.”
Student Discrimination
Florida Keys Community College is an equal
access/equal opportunity/affirmative action college in education and
employment. The commitment of FKCC’s District Board of Trustees and
the college administration to equal opportunity extends to all facets of
governance, operational procedures, instructional programs, student
activities and services.The college is guided by the principal that no
person who chooses to learn or work at the Florida Keys Community
College shall be treated differently because of age, race, color, religious
beliefs, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or
veteran’s status
Inquiries or complaints regarding access to FKCC programs, activities,
facilities for people with disabilities may be addressed to the Disabled
Student Services Coordinator, Advising Department at Florida Keys
Community College, located at 5901 College Road,\ Key West, FL 33040,
or call 305-809-3196.
Sexual Harassment Grievance-
This procedure is used for student claims
of discrimination or sexual harassment. Inquiries or complaints may be
addressed to the Equity Officer, Florida Keys Community College, Office
of Human Resources, 5901 College Road, Key West, FL 33040, or call