Page 96 - FKCC Student Handbook 2012 13 final for web

The right of due process is assured all students by College Rules
and Procedures. At Florida Keys Community College the Student
Disciplinary/ Grievance Committee is responsible for hearing
student cases involving disciplinary actions or student grievances.
The committee provides due process for students charged with
engaging in misconduct of a serious nature, where such cases
may involve violation of board rules or state laws likely to result
in suspension or expulsion of the student from the academic
community. In disciplinary matters, the following procedures will
be used: Disciplinary cases shall be referred to the Dean of Student
Affairs. The Dean of Student Affairs may carry out lesser disciplinary
actions on the basis of evidence presented. If the violation has been
in relation to an act which could lead to expulsion, or the student
indicates a preference for a hearing, the Dean of Student Affairs will
call a meeting of the Student Disciplinary/Grievance Committee.
Any convictions for a felony involving sexual battery will result in
expulsion from FKCC.
The college seeks to resolve conduct and performance problems
in the most positive manner possible. Under those circumstances
when disciplinary action, including termination, becomes a
necessary means of modifying undesirable situations, the college has
established disciplinary policies and procedures.
For a violation of the college policy, or conviction of any criminal
statute as above, a visitor, whether invited or uninvited, shall be
subject to disciplinary action, up to an including being permanently
banned from college premises and activities and may be reported
to law enforcement authorities, as determined by the Dean of for
Student Affairs. Florida Keys Community College reserves the right
to discipline students for acts of sexual misconduct committed off
The following victim rights have been established:
The right of a victim to have a person of their choice accompany her/
him throughout the disciplinary hearing. This person will act as a
support person or counsel but will not represent the victim while he/
she appears as a witness.